Friday, July 17, 2009

Post builder script for CGI development in Eclipse


In CGI development it may be a lot of help to have some sort of a post builder script. The primary aim of this script should be updating the cgi scenario(s) and modules when you build your perl project under Eclipse.

So I have come up with the following

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

# append "/" to the target path if required
my $target_path = $ARGV[0];
if (not( $target_path =~ m/\/$/)) {
$target_path .= "/";

# copy cgi script: what, from where, to where
my $file = "uni_search.cgi";
my $copy_base_path = "../";
my $copy_from = $copy_base_path.$file;
my $copy_to = $target_path.$file;

copy($copy_from, $copy_to);

# copy Perl modules
my @modules = ("", "", "");
my $modules_path = "some_path/";
$copy_base_path = "./";
my $target_copy_base_path = $target_path.$modules_path;

foreach my $module(@modules) {

sub copy
my $copy_from = shift;
my $copy_to = shift;

my $result;

# chmod'ing
$result = system("echo ".[your_sudo_password_here].
" | sudo -S chmod +w ".$copy_to);
print "Changing write rights: ".$result."\n";

# updates / copies the cgi script to server
$result = system("sudo cp ".$copy_from." ".$copy_to);
if ($result == 0) {
print "Result of copying the ".$copy_from.
" to server's cgi-bin: ".$result."\n\n";

It is easy to add a builder which will call the script. In Perl perspective go to Project->Properties->Builders. Select "New..." on the right. Choose "Program" in the popup window. Configure the program by choosing what to launch, where and command line arguments:

There you go. After the builder has been successfully configured, edit your code and do full rebuild (select the root node of your project and Project->Build Project), when you want to deploy your cgi script set to your web server.

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