Friday, July 31, 2009

Perl: trust programmatic access to VB Project

It has been already a tradition to cross-post useful information bits, so let me continue.

If you came to the following problem when accessing the the VB Project programmatically from your Perl script:

"Programmatic access to Visual Basic Project is not trusted"

, you will need to allow the access and trust in your target MS Office app:

Office 2003 and Office XP

1. Open the Office 2003 or Office XP application in question. On the Tools menu, click Macro, and then click Security to open the Macro Security dialog box.
2. On the Trusted Sources tab, click to select the Trust access to Visual Basic Project check box to turn on access.
3. Click OK to apply the setting. You may need to restart the application for the code to run properly if you automate from a Component Object Model (COM) add-in or template.

Office 2007

1. Open the 2007 Microsoft Office system application in question. Click the Microsoft Office button, and then click Application Options.
2. Click the Trust Center tab, and then click Trust Center Settings.
3. Click the Macro Settings tab, click to select the Trust access to the VBA project object model check box, and then click OK.
4. Click OK.

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