Sunday, March 22, 2009

Analogy of a face search in a human brain

While I was preparing my breakfast a thought of a face expression flashed accross my mind. The small picture was so bright,
that I immediately started to search the owner in my memory. This is the exact verb, that I should use
here: to search. The search took just about two seconds (lucky me) and I started to analyze
how did it happen: what algorithm did I potentially use, what was the complexity. As I met the owner of the
face about a week ago I believe the search took place in cache and looked a linear search on one hand.
On the other hand I distinctly realized while this was happenning that I clearly was skipping some
faces without further detailed analysis (i.e. calculating some metrics for determining relevance level).
One important observation is that I didn't draw a clear line in a search space based on gender: rather it was a quick search (with no reference
to the existing algorithm, but an allegory) with very fast process of prunning the search space.

It might turn out, that existing search algorithms are not that far from what happens inside a human brain.

mood: thoughtful :)

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