Monday, February 24, 2014

First Android app published

First Android app published! To be used in Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Give it a spin!

PysaDroid is an easy and clutter free app for planning your journey in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area similar to what you get with HSL service Currently bus routes are supported only.
The name PysaDroid comes from a blend of Pysäkki ([bus] stop in Finnish) and Android.
Key features:
- Non-intrusive autocomplete. Very useful feature if you feel like you don't remember the full street or place name. Or it is just too freezing outside to type with bare fingers.
- Clean design of the resulting routes
- Latest search button that remembers your last search! Press the bus button to load your latest search.
- Take me to home functionality: set up the direction to home on the results page once by pressing the button with home icon and use every day!
- Take me to the office functionality: similar to take me home.
- View the route on the map.

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