Monday, October 12, 2009

Augmented Reality with Adobe Flash

Having carefully followed the Adobe MAX conference, I have found a ground shaking presentation on the Augmented Reality with Flash.

As the presenters define it, AR is superimposing "graphics over real-world environments in realtime". So I checked out the exciting (and long) tutorial on how to set up the development environment to hit the road. For running a quick demo from the tutorial I printed a black and white pattern (it makes sense to make it smaller, than I made, as it is much easier to handle). Before diving into details I decided to have a clue on how it is going to look like and made a small video which I share with you (please be patient about video quality and mute your player).

It is early to draw any conclusions on the future of AR, but it sounds like a very exciting field of software development in the future. It is where creative people get together and come up with an exciting business card and all sorts of interesting things.

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