Saturday, December 15, 2007

Common sense

I have just noticed, that in Russian we say "здравый смысл" = "sane/correct sense". Whilst in English you get "common sense". By this we may conclude that the sane sense is the one which is common, i.e. acceptable by all entities in the Universe. It is certainly a hypothesis.


Anonymous said...

You know, Dmitry, here, in Russia, if we need to say "здравый смысл" in English, we say "sanity".

// Tskhovrebov.

D_K said...

Hi, Vitaly!

That's interesting, because if I get it right, the word "sanity" appeals to physical or, to be more correct, mental, condition of somebody rather than to a sense of a situation, circumstance, sentence etc.

Anonymous said...

Well, may be you're right. But, here, in Russia :-) if our QA manager wants to give a task to QA engineer, and he doesn't know, what to define as task, he sends task like: "Look and Feel: Sanity".
I can say, this is American-style... Our managers improving their skills by word-fighting with our head managers from New York. Besides, i should say, that names of them not make me sure, that NY managers have academic english :-)

// Tskhovrebov