Friday, October 5, 2007


Hello there!

Something has changed rather recently in my music interests: I do pay now more attention to jazz. The classical creatures by Louis Armstrong are on top for me.

There has been a jazz evening in russian Saint-Petersburg we participated with my new friends I met occasionally in a train. The club has a name JFC = Jazz Fusion Club. As far as I got it the 'F' stands for fusion for the club having an effort to mix different styles with jazz.

In the beginning of this week I have read a local finnish newspaper Heili and found an advertisement for the coming concert in the central theater of the jazz band Jazzkerho-76: Funk Helsinki.

Well, I'm happy to admit it was wonderful! The music itself surely wasn't meant to be a background for a beer and friends talks. The first row has disappeared (guys might didn't like the music or may be to loud for them?) just right after the concert start. Good news for us, sitting close to center of an auditorium: making better photos and having better contact with eyes of musicians.

I have considired the music to have quite a few moments of philosophy offering to think while you enjoy the sound. Despite a bit more louder volume of sound then acceptable to fully enjoy (as one would do at home controlling the volume, basses etc) - nearly all spectators were engaged in common process.

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