Sunday, October 11, 2015

[ANNOUNCE] Luke 5.3.0 released: naturally runs on Java 8

This release runs on Java8 and does not run on Java7.

This release includes a number of pull requests and github issues. Worth mentioning:
#38 upgrade to 5.3.0 itself
#28 Added LUKE_PATH env variable to
#35 Added copy, cut, paste etc. shortcuts, using Mac command key
#34 Fixed lastAnalyzer retrieval (this feature remembers the last used analyzer on the Search tab)
#31 200 stargazers on github (by the time of this release the number crossed 260). Luke community is growing.

Everybody is welcome to contribute. If you feel like you care about search / indexing or would like to get deeper with Apache Lucene, go ahead and pick a ticket:
And, don't be afraid, we do not have any complaint departments:

All you need is your favourite beverage and a good debugger.