Monday, December 16, 2013

Lucene Toolbox Luke

As I was mentioning in some of the previous posts, I have been working on luke, the Lucene Toolbox. Recently, the releases have been more or less steady, providing the binaries right on the github site.

Here is the most recent release of luke for the most recent release of Lucene 4.6.0:

port to Lucene 4.6.
Tested against the solr-4.6 index of exampledocs xml files.
1. bumped up the version of maven-assembly plugin to the latest 2.4
2. added maven-jar plugin which copies all binary dependencies into lib/ subdirectory
3. Fixed AnalyzerToolPlugin to use token stream reset outside while loop over tokens
4. added lock factory handling in FsDirectory (untested)
5. updated trivia in about.xml

At the moment the generated all-inclusive jar can be launched by double-clicking it only. There is some work to do to enable command line launches.

If you feel like contributing (patches and new features alike) and enjoy using the tool, get in touch or just send a pull request.

Enjoy the season's holidays,