Monday, January 28, 2008

Japanese cup

These suggestions we together with my Japanese flatmate have found on the cup one friend of mine brought to me from Japan. I'll give them in Russian with the English translation:

1) Не наполняй желудок полностью: 80% достаточно
2) Даже если всё рушится, постарайся уснуть (спи и не думай)
3) Не используй автомобиль, ходи пешком
4) Улыбка способствует твоему счастью
5) Не ешь мясо, ешь фрукты

Будь счастлив!

In English:
1) Do not fill your stomach completely: 80% is enough
2) Even if everything breaks down, try to go to sleep (sleep and do not think)
3) Do not use a car, walk
4) Smile contributes to your happiness
5) Do not eat meat, eat fruits

Be happy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sunny profession

From the window of our office we observe airplanes quite often. In rare days with sun (like the one today) one can see a smooth flight of an airplane - so light, so enthusiastic! So I decided today it is a sunny profession to be a pilot in day shift :-)